11 Dec

A NEW BREW for the NEW YEAR “Brut IPA”

Every year Neil likes to develop a new beer. “It’s fun, often challenging,” says Neil, “and when it arrives, it’s like a new baby. Just in time for Christmas, The Pour House will introduce a BrutIPA (India Pale Ale) also known as ‘Hop Champagne’. It is the west coast (of America’s) answer to the New England-style IPAs.” Neil launches into a description of his forthcoming brew: “Brut IPA is light-bodied, but highly hopped. Virtually all the hops are non-bittering, yet very aromatic. We use a plant enzyme to break down the unfermentable sugars, giving a light-bodied, extra light, very low carbohydrate beer. Characteristically refreshing, it’s the perfect beer for our beautiful Coromandel Summers, and and a great way to celebrate Christmas holidays at the beach or to compliment a dinner on ThePour House deck!” As yet without a name, Neil and Karen are open to suggestions for a fun handle for thenew beer, and “there may even be a prizein it for someone!” Email your ideas to neil@thecoromandelbrewingcompany.co.nzor text to 021 035 1338.