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Bean To Heaven ( Chocolate & Vanilla Porter )

Lashings of coffee and chocolate hit the nose and palate immediately Strong vanilla notes come through this deep, dark and complex brew Rich and lingering.

Spice Control to Major Pomme ( Apple, Elder flower & Cinnamon Cider )

ABV 5%

Our Own House Brewed Cider with apple and elderflower spiced with cinnamon and few other brewer’s secret botanicals.

Hahei Doctor ( American Pale Ale )

ABV 6%

The Light Golden beer has a light malt character and backed up with huge citrus flavours and aromas from the mix of hops. Do you need a doctor?

The Black Sea

ABV 6%

This dark beer is bursting in malty character with hints of toffee, caramel and a mild roastiness followed by a soft, semi-sweet but smooth finish. Generous additions of East Kent Goldings hop add a notable hop presence in this big but easy drinking dark beer.

LaLa Land

ABV 4.6%

A delicious cream ale with cold infused coffee from our local roasters at Coffee LaLa and a bold splash of Tahitian Vanilla. We make no apology for its deliciousness and the insanely Good Coffee flavour! A refreshing place to be!

Black Widow

ABV 11.4%

Rich, thick and warning! This Big stout delivers coffee and gentle roastiness backed by bucket loads of malt flavour Spicy aromatics come from the Trappist yeast and very generous amount of hops. Its upfront sweetness is balanced by a medium bitterness in the follow through Dark and dangerous!

Cloud 9

ABV 5%

Our version of a classic Belgian wheat beer spiced with coriander and mandarin peel picked from a local orchard here in the Coromandel. This beer is naturally cloudy and refreshingly fruity.

easy rider

Easy Rider

ABV 5%

This light, golden coloured ale has a gentle malt influence and is mildly fruity from the use of fantastic New Zealand grew hops and their special strain of yeast.


Good As Gold

Good As Gold ( Pilsner )

ABV 5%

Our kiwi version of a Bohemian style pilsner. Riwaka and Pacifica hops give a delicate flavour and aroma to this classic beer style that is light bodied and easy to drink.

Dark Side

ABV 5%

This rich beer explodes with maltiness followed by a smooth finish. Five malts go into this wonderful dark brew to show that lager doesn’t have to be golden. Dare you come over to The Dark Side?

Munted munk craft beer

Munted Munk

ABV 9%

This brassy orange coloured beer carries malt flavours and aromas of toffee, biscuit, dried fruit and clove spice. A deliciously but strong beer!

Tsunami Alert (IIPA)

ABV 8.5%

Our II Ipa

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